Tuesday, February 7, 2012

6th New England Regional Homebrew Competition

Two of my brews got entered into the competition. The Pumpkin Patch Ale did pretty well and was given a score of 31.5 which is "Very good" on their scale (BJCP). Tasting notes they said had a strong malty backbone with high bitterness that kind of masked the spices I used. Overall This beer does taste good, but of course there will be some adjustments made to this recipe of course.

 The second brew entered was my Oatmeal stout. I was not very found of this batch of brew but I did have it laying around in a few bottles. So I sent them in to be judge. This brew was a 28 which is "Good" on the BJCP scale. It fits the style parameters but had a few minor flaws.

 So on to the next competition with a new brew! A German Hefeweizen! The 2012 Boston Homebrew Competition is fast approaching and I got this beer bottled up registered and ready to go. I will post the brewing process of this simple but yet complex beer very soon. Cheers!