Saturday, July 23, 2011

Farmhouse Saison is Finished!

I finally got to pride myself after the first sip of my Farmhouse Saison. That's right I cracked one bottle open today just a week and a half after bottling them. The first pour was tremendously carbonated which is definitely not a bad thing since saisons are suppose to be highly carbonated beers. The flavor was incredible! Lots of great fruity flavors come through at the nose with a VERY dry finish. Some of the fruity flavors I do get from this are alot of Pear and some slight bubblegum type flavors are present. I can definitely taste the German influence from the grains I used in this one. Even my wife really enjoyed this one. I dont have my book in front of me right now but I believe it finished right around 6% ABV. This is a GREAT beer for the summer! Cheers

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